State of The Government SOTG Report - OCTOBER 2020

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Senior Administrator
Health Department
Environment & Recreation Department

The purpose of the State of the Government Reports is to increase Cabinet transparency and provide an insight into the happenings on the Government. This information is provided in good faith and although it may be listed here as a goal, it may not occur. This report simply outlines Government achievements, plans, and goals.


Westray was elected as President on October 15.
Doxxx_ became Vice President as Westray's running mate in the election.


Nacholebraa - Department of State (Re-Nominated)
Block86 - Department of Construction and Transportation (Re-Nominated)
Technofied - Department of Education and Commerce (Re-Nominated)
Doxxx_ - Department of Health (Re-Nominated)
Rainalyn_Rose - Department of Environment and Recreation (Re-Nominated)
Muffins29 - Department of Public Affairs
Toxikkun - Department of Justice




Vanquish_ap v. Department of Justice (Case No. 14-10-2020) - Settlement Reached
ElementPenguin; Hamilton Law v. The State (Case No. 19-10-2020) - Dismissed


Government Bonuses: $22,450 in total bonuses were given to highly performing government employees.

The amount of bonuses given to employees in each Department:
CorbinJc - $2000
Nutzucer - $500
William_CTO - $500
_Zab_ - $500
Jaynormous - $500
Block335 - $750
get_ducked - $350
Thomo01 - $350
friendlymachine - $350
partypig678 - $350
wolfistaken - $350
Lyonya - $350
lousydaddy - $350
Mhadsher101 - $4000
OlivierPanda - $2000
Zab - $2000
Nacholebraa - $1500
Amazing_Rinny - $750
BubbaRC - $750
Vanquish_ap - $1000
Ansgard_Ist - $500
Vanquish_ap: $750
BubbaRC: $750
Tyleray: $750


After my first month in office, I would like to thank the voters for electing me to this position, and for their continued support. As we take on this uncharted territory of an elected President, there have been and will continue to be some challenges. I believe we have been able to achieve so much in this first month of the West Administration, and I look forward to seeing the new ideas we can bring as a Cabinet.

We had a rocky start following a court case against the Department of Justice due to the actions of the former Secretary. Nonetheless, we reached a settlement, and have brought many changes to the DoJ. We've progressed on being able to properly train our police, and I have faith that the new Justice Secretary Toxikkun will be able to bring lawfulness and accountability to the Department. Furthermore, after some tough negotiation, we were able to get a proper appropriations amendment and process bill passed, allowing us to create a budget that Congress will vote on for November. Thus far, we have done well at keeping our promise of accountability, transparency, and lawful leadership. We look forward to listening to those who have elected us to implement policies that work for everyone. Thank you to the Cabinet for their tremendous work in this new term, I look forward to a bright future.


Economic Totals are based on the month of October (Before the Budget was passed)
Economy Total: $9,947,924
Government Balance: $1,817,562 - This is a $932,828 increase from last month.

Employment by Exam Jobs:
9 Accountants
89 Armourers
98 Journalists
58 Brewers
223 Chefs
32 Contractors
30 CUBER Drivers
55 Doctors
23 Electricians
188 Farmers
34 Solicitors
19 Barristers
10 Attorneys
50 Lumberjacks
323 Mercenaries
215 Miners
40 Realtors
29 Recycling Operators
17 Stockmen
18 Tour Guides
53 Pharmacists

Employment by Government Jobs:
6 Building Inspectors
12 Constructors
2 Education Specialists
9 Economists
5 Event Coordinators
2 Media Advisors
5 Medical Specialists
7 Paramedics
9 Trainee Officers
5 Constables
8 Rangers
5 Sergeants

Registered Businesses: There are currently 79 Registered Businesses.


Treasurer: Technofied
Deputy Treasurer: CorbinJc
Economists: ElementPenguin, JoanM999, MilkCrack, Jaynormous, nutzucer, _Zab_
Education Specialists: xEndeavour, William_CTO

Department Update:
The Department of Education and Commerce has established some new economic policies and programs this month. This includes the introduction of a Medicare program in collaboration with the Health Department, establishing the foundations of universal healthcare. The Department has also drafted Department policy and protocols that can be accessed by the public, detailing the process for assessing business registrations, licenses, and more. The Department continues to hire new Education Specialists and Economists, and is currently working on reviewing all existing exams.

Department Goals:
  • Finish reviewing and rewriting exams
  • Implement the mechanic job


Secretary: Muffins29
Deputy Secretary: N/A
Event Coordinators: Ansgard_Ist, _Lxcas_, Vanquish_ap, Southray03
Media Advisors: TheTrainFan

Department Update:
The Department of Public Affairs has been working on refining policy, rooting out inactive members, and developing new programs within the Department. There have been several successful events held, including the Press Conference, as well as Halloween-themed contests for the month of October. The Department has been planning on coming up with training for new event coordinators, and promoting activity among media advisors.

Department Goals:
  • Introduce a formal training program for event coordinators
  • Continue to coordinate fun and engaging events


Secretary: Block86
Deputy Secretary: Mhadsher101
Constructors: mrbubba, DesignerKai, _37__, MilkCrack, Pav33, Netpex, Kenhui1214, kevvvvvvvvv, _Zab_, Krix, OlivierPanda
Building Inspectors: Cubestake, Pig_Girl2003, Luxurious_Lauren, 1950minecrafter, Dusty_3

Department Update:
The Department of Construction has been working on general improvements to city infrastructure, as well as new policy and programs. The Department has been working on several new projects, such as developments in the canal including parks and an arena building. Furthermore, following the hiring of several new constructors, the Department has a implemented a new Constructor training system that is currently underway.

Department Goals:
  • Work on new programs for accountability within the Department
  • Work towards further efficiency within the Department
  • Implement a supply tenders program


Secretary: Nacholebraa (Resigned from his position on November 6)
Deputy Secretary: N/A

Department Update:
The Department of State has been working with and overseeing the development of the towns of Grónsko and Oakridge Bay, as well as conducting Department audits, and drafting new policies. The Department also conducted a thorough investigation and audit of the Department of Justice, advising the DoJ on the termination of police who engaged in misconduct, and the removal of improper records. New policies include the introduction of a Town Auditing Process.

Department Goals:
  • Expand on the process and expectations for town audits


Secretary: Toxikkun
Deputy Secretary: Vanquish_ap
Sergeants: Jas_Boss_Bro, Doxxx_
Constables: ElementPenguin, BubbaRC
Trainee Officers: Dusty_3, JoanM999, Matt_S0, Tyleray, JanGo515, lousydaddy, QuietVibes, VelvetKitty

Department Update:
The Department of Justice has been working towards a more accountable and reliable police force. New foundations were set out within the Department, including an Equipment Use Policy and thorough Police Guide. The Department has cleared out inactive officers, and terminated police who have committed misconduct. The Department has also been more active in hiring and training new officers. Furthermore, they are actively trying to assess some more in-depth training for officers who were accepted when there was no active secretary.

Department Goals:
  • Implementing an Official Constable Test
  • Getting Handcuff stick implemented and other plugins fixed
  • Organizing one or more Sergeants


Secretary: Doxxx_
Deputy Secretary: LeBlock (Block335)
Medical Specialists: bussyyy_, Toxikkun, Jwoodywoo

Department Update:
The Department of Health has continued to maintain an efficient and reliable Department, consistently auditing doctors. The Department has also been working with the DEC to establish procedure and use of the new Medicare program.

Department Goals:
  • Maintain activity in doctors
  • Continue to improve and promote discord
  • Implement new guidelines for Medicare


Secretary: Rainalyn_Rose
Deputy Secretary: Nacholebraa
Rangers: Amazing_Rinny, Neemfy, JanGo515, Replace_, BubbaRC, Lone_Phantom

Department Update:
- Terraformed around the towns
- Fixed the terrain around the wild warps & highways
- Hired new Rangers to fill vacancies.
The Department of Environment and Recreation has continued to make active changes to the server. Starting off with hiring new rangers, there has bee an influx in rangers recently which has resulted in an ever so lively department. The activity of the DER has started to blossom like flowers of a sakura tree. Following up on the activity, the Department plans to team up with the DPA for some festive Greenery events in the near future - hopefully bringing some spice to the holidays.

Department Goals:
  • Add Campgrounds/Caravans
  • Greenery Events
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