State of The Government SOTG Report - JUNE 2020

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The purpose of the State of the Government Reports is to increase Cabinet transparency and provide an insight into the happenings on the Government. This information is provided in good faith and although it may be listed here as a goal, it may not occur. This report simply outlines Government achievements, plans, and goals.


SimCube - Environment & Recreation Secretary




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Secretary: Block86
Deputy Secretary: N/A

The DCT has 3 Constructors at the moment, a lot of new residential houses were built and the DCT is planning on building even more. The Department buildings were completely revamped and the Constructors are currently working on the new highway system. Former Constructor Asthen has been promoted to Head Constructor. The Secretary instituted a new mark system for Building Inspectors, poorly made reports will get a mark and the Building Inspector will be terminated at 5 marks. This to improve the quality of the Building Inspector reports.


Secretary: SacredSpice
Deputy Secretary: SimplyMadi

The DoJ is functioning steadily at the moment. Sergeant SimplyNormous has been promoted to Deputy Secretary and the DoJ is planning on appointing 2 more Sergeants. The Police Officer applications are currently closed due to a steady amount of officers online. The Department is currently looking for ways to reduce firearm violence within Hamilton City.


Secretary: MistyRoses
Deputy Secretary: TBIWOG

The DPA is currently preparing for the upcoming election debates & live counting. Various events have been planned already, such as an official soccer tournament, a treasure hunt on the fourth of July, and last but not least, the state wedding!

An official DC Kahoot has been hosted this month, pretty tough questions were asked and the event was much appreciated by all the participants, Event Coordinator TBIWOG has recently been promoted to Deputy Secretary.

The Tourguide exam was changed to an application job and its job guide has been revamped.


Secretary: Temujim
Deputy Secretary: ChocolateJim

The Department of Health has hired two new Medical Specialists: Sthomas04& DoxxyCleopatra and Medical Specialist Chocolatejim has been promoted to Deputy Secretary because of his professionalism/proactivity. The secretary of Health has split the application information on forums up into 2 different posts (Medical Specialist & Paramedic), so special prefixes can be added which show if the applications for that role are open/closed.


Secretary: SimCube
Deputy Secretary: N/A

The DER has gone through a secretary switch due to the fact that former secretary 'VelvetKitty' has resigned from her old position, the cabinet decided to nominate SimCube for this position. SimCube became the official secretary on the 10th of June after Congress positively voted on his motion.

The secretary of the DER decided to change the former DPR name to 'Department of Environment & Recreation' also known as the DER, also was the Landscaper role changed to an application role. The DER is currently planning on revitalizing the zoo, new habitats will be added and a breeding program will be initiated. The department is also planning on adding more trees and green to Hamilton City.


Secretary: Technofied
Deputy Secretary: Jevil From VSauce

The Department of Education and Commerce has added a completely new tax system to the roleplay experience, this tax system was introduced to help the Government with all the payments without having to use commands such as /eco give. This all to keep the roleplay experience as realistic as possible.

The citizens of Hamilton city can now auction their own goods at the official DC Bid server, several companies and the government use this auction server too, the DEC has also added a jobseeker building where solicitors can find companies that board to promote job hirings! are looking for new employees. Registered companies can rent an advertisement board to promote job hirings.

Redstone experts can now sell their services to the public with the new Electrician job and people who are interested in Real Estate and Real Estate agency can become a Realtor now, people that love gathering wood can become a Lumberjack and will be able to use the special tree feller feature which lets you chop trees in under a second.
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