State of The Government SOTG Report - JULY 2020


Education & Commerce Department

The purpose of the State of the Government Reports is to increase Cabinet transparency and provide an insight into the happenings on the Government. This information is provided in good faith and although it may be listed here as a goal, it may not occur. This report simply outlines Government achievements, plans, and goals.


SimplyMadi - Advisory Secretary
TBIWOG - Dept. Public Affairs Secretary
SimplyMadi - Public Affairs Secretary


Executive Order 04/20 - Extension of Overcrowding Rule




A total of $8000 in Government job bonuses have been issued to high performing Government employees.


Secretary: Block86
Deputy Secretary: N/A

The DCT has started hiring BI's and to fill the vacancies in that branch. We have made progress on current projects such as the UN building and CBD, which is almost complete. The metropolitan rail has been installed and has seen significant ridership along with the tram system. (these numbers were collected by automated people counters placed at the spawn station of both systems).

Future Major Projects:
- Redesign University.
- Car Racing track.
- Horse Racing track.
- Highways/
- Sampson Hills Estate.
- Fire Station.
- Interior of Cruise Ship.
- Houses for the Suburbs.

- Block86


Secretary: SacredSpice
Deputy Secretary: N/A

DoJ Updates
Police Officers have been working very hard with keeping the City safe and I am proud of them. I’ve been very slow with getting things done for the DoJ but now I’ll try my best to bring new things in to help with the officers experience in the department.

DoJ Goals
-Have more Police Officers in different time zones so it’s easier to control the amount of open charges we get
-Add more floors to the DCPD building due to more Officers coming in so they get their own offices
-New protocols for state emergencies so the officers know what to do instead of panic
-Have more steadily planned meetings to discuss further doj goals

- SacredSpice


Acting Secretary: SimplyMadi
Deputy Secretary: N/A

- Changeover in Secretary.
- Introduced a new Job Role, Media Advisor to assist in running server Social Medias.
- Added a new tour command for Tour Guides.
- Finished setting up the DPA discord.
- Renovated the DPA building.
- Hired new tour guides to fill vacancies.
- Hired new Event Coordinators to get more done in terms of Events.
- Created a new unofficial Senior Tour Guide Job that assists me in the management of Tour Guides. Promoted a Tour Guide to Senior TG.

- SimplyMadi


Secretary: Temujim
Deputy Secretary: ChocolateJim

The Department Of Health is introducing a new system, we are testing a trial period with paramedics where, once a new paramedic is hired they are given a 14 day trial, once the 14 days pass the Sr paramedic will either pass the paramedic or fail the paramedic, if a paramedic is failed they will return as a doctor. We have also promoted Krix and JB to a Sr Paramedic, which monitors the paramedic branch of the DoH, trains paramedics, and also passes or fails trial paramedics. The DoH has also changed the price of vaccine prescriptions to $150 in order to boost sales and usage, and to keep Medical Specialist busy. We are currently finishing the Medical Specialist Guide video and will be posted soon.

- ChocolateJim


Secretary: SimCube
Deputy Secretary: Tappy

The DER has been actively making a few changes, most of these internal. One of the first things we undertook was the hiring of Tap as the Deputy Sec. Tap was seen as a great person that would suit this role due to the dedication he had already put towards the department with his Ranger role. Since then, Tap and I have been doing planning more than anything on how we can make the Department more seen, known and respected. Some of these plans (none are finalised) include a possible redesign of the Zoo to make it more realistic and appealing, a greenery event to make the Department more seen in the city (such as something similar to the Team Trees initiative irl), and a recreation park (caravan park with rentable cabins that would have areas such as a pool, entertainment room etc. far from the city to make it seem like a holiday). One other notable change we have implemented was the integration of the Landscaper and Ranger role. We did this as the appeal to both of these ranks were low due to the lack of work, especially as a Landscaper who only receives pay afterwards. One issue we would like to bring up with Cabinet and Congress is around animal abuse. There have been plenty of pet dogs killed recently, including a mass murder of all 17 dogs at the pound. We would like to gather your opinions on if there should be a specific law, and if so, who should moderate it (staff, DER or the DOJ).

- SimCube


Secretary: Technofied
Deputy Secretary: Jevil_FromVSauce

The purpose of the Economy Report is to raise public awareness about the state of the economy and what is happening inside of the DEC.​
Government Balance
The Government Balance is at $406,122.11 as of the writing of this report. There is no % increase or decrease from the last report, as this is the first report.​
Employment By Exam Jobs
Currently there are:​
6 Accountants​
26 Armourers​
8 Authors​
26 Brewers​
59 Chefs​
7 Contractors​
5 CUBER Drivers​
37 Doctors​
3 Electricians​
52 Farmers​
26 Solicitors​
13 Lumberjacks​
86 Mercenaries​
54 Miners​
7 Realtors​
6 Stockmen​
8 Tour Guides​

Employment By Government Jobs
Currently there are:​
2 Building Inspectors​
4 Constructors​
2 Draftsmans​
6 Economists​
5 Event Coordinators​
4 Medical Specialists​
5 Paramedics​
8 Police Officers​
8 Rangers​
2 Sergeants​
Registered Businesses
There are currently 43 registered businesses at the writing of this report. There is no increase or decrease from the last report, as this is the first report.​
Major DEC Additions
The DEC has recently made a few new additions for citizens of DC. The first of these was the Wholesale License, which allows businesses to sell all kinds of items, even if the owner does not possess the exam job. The only requirement is having a supplier of that profession. Second, we introduced private billboards. All citizens can apply to have a private billboard made on their property with any advertisement they would like. Finally, we created the DemocracyCraft business ranking. This allows business owners and citizens to see which businesses are worth the most on the server.​
- ElementPenguin.​
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