State of The Government SOTG Report - AUGUST 2020


Justice Department
Education & Commerce Department

The purpose of the State of the Government Reports is to increase Cabinet transparency and provide an insight into the happenings on the Government. This information is provided in good faith and although it may be listed here as a goal, it may not occur. This report simply outlines Government achievements, plans, and goals.


Technofied - Vice President
Nacholebraa - Advisory Secretary
SimplySammy_ - Justice Secretary
SimCube - Health Secretary
Westray - Judge
Westray - Chief Justice
ElementPenguin - Treasurer
Thire_ - Attorney General
Rainalyn_Rose - Environment and Recreation Secretary


Executive Order 07/20 - Dissolution of Congress
Executive Order 06/20 - Unbanned Player Balance Reimbursements
Executive Order 05/20 - Termination of Theme Park Management


State v. Red Army (06-2020-6): Plaintiff Lost Interest
Budgetmich v. Department of Public Affairs (08-2020-21): Adjourned in favor of government.


A total of $5500 in bonuses were given to highly performing government employees.


The Government has seen a lot of fluidity in appointments recently, however I'm confident that these new faces will see us out for a strong end to the Endeavour Administration ending up to the October elections. This is an exciting (and nervous) time as we approach, with many potential candidates coming forward.

The Government, despite the unrest, has forged on and gotten on with the job. We have made significant progress across the board, which I think will be reflected in this report. Perhaps our strongest month in Construction, August saw the completion of a wide range of projects including the new capitol! This acts as the centrepiece of the server and we are lucky to have such a great construction team!

We have moved the Government shop out of spawn into the CBD which coincided with the CBD opening - a great player-to-player based economic initiative.

I look forward to the month to come with new appointments on the horizon.


Economy Total: There is currently $6,188,133.31 circulating in the economy. The only source of new money is inflation caused by new players, as votes are taken from the government balance.
Government Balance: $524,012.28 - This is a $117,890.17 increase from last month.

Employment by Exam Jobs:
9 Accountants
63 Armourers
59 Authors
53 Brewers
157 Chefs
24 Contractors
20 CUBER Drivers
66 Doctors
14 Electricians
145 Farmers
34 Solicitors
17 Barristers
7 Attorneys
29 Lumberjacks
250 Mercenaries
154 Miners
20 Realtors
13 Recycling Operators
15 Stockmen
12 Tour Guides
29 Pharmacists

Employment by Government Jobs:
3 Building Inspectors
9 Constructors
2 Education Specialists
8 Economists
8 Event Coordinators
2 Media Advisors
5 Medical Specialists
6 Paramedics
14 Police Officers
7 Rangers
4 Sergeants

Registered Businesses: There are currently 57 Registered Businesses. This is a 14 business increase.

- Treasurer ElementPenguin


Secretary: The_MarxSisters
Deputy Secretary: N/A

Department Updates:
Over the course of the last month, the department has encountered endless changes. The previous secretary SimplySammy put into motion the process of appeals for the removal of the Firearms licenses. I have taken the little amount of time that I have in the office to look over the duplicate criminal record reports, as well as cleaning up some of the inactive police, and restart the advertisements for police officers.

Department Goals:
  • Remove inactive and underperforming police officers
  • Introduce a training guide
  • Establish a policy book
  • Expand the policy regarding the removal of gun licenses
  • Taking away the judgment call and listing it within the policy.
  • Expand the connection with the Attorney General to establish a proper relation between the two entities.

- Secretary Nacholebraa


Treasurer: ElementPenguin
Deputy Treasurer: N/A

Department Updates:
During the month of August, the department underwent many overhauls, the most public of which being the change in Treasurer to ElementPenguin. The department also introduced the Education Specialist position for those interested in updating and creating new jobs and exams. The first new job was the Pharmacist, which was established in cooperation with Congress via the Freedom of Health Act. In addition, the department internally introduced more stringent requirements for Business Registration and Grants. Government tenders will be used for DCT projects, in which a series of downwards bidding will occur. Finally, two inactive members have been terminated.

Department Goals:
  • Introduce a guide for new employees.
  • Create a formal termination system for inactive and underperforming employees.
  • Work with Congress and Cabinet to introduce more economic control by the DEC.
  • Hasten the process of Grants and Registrations, while still keeping it stringent.

- Treasurer ElementPenguin


Secretary: Thire_
Deputy Secretary: N/A

Department updates:
During the past month, the department has seen a thriving surge in a positive direction. With the implementation of an internal senior tour guide position, as well as the development of a VIP tour to focus on deeper insight about the server and community as a whole. The Media Advisors have been making an effort to expand the reach and impact it has on the media platforms. Displaying player builds as well as working to capture the moments of a lifetime. We are currently looking into correcting some lackingness of the event coordinator position as well as the normal tour guide positions. In light of recent events, the department has lost its secretary to unseen reasons. This however has not hindered the progression of the department. I still intend to continue to progress and correct the standing issues internally and publicly.

Department Goals:
  • Introduce a training guide for new and old employees.
  • Establish a policy book
  • Establish a policy for termination for inactive and non-productive members.
  • Expand the connection the department has with citizens and the overall government. - For events and publicity

- Secretary Nacholebraa


Secretary: Block86
Deputy Secretary: Mhadsher101

The DCT has hired a number of constructors to aid with the increased demand for government and player builds.

A large portion of the Department's time this past month was consumed by the Capitol renovation project! The new capitol boasts two chambers with a completely new interior and significantly renovated exterior. Progress was made on the highly anticipated highway network and the Raceway was completed! Construction started on the Country club and the Horse Racing track, as well as a vault facility for staff use. The aircraft carrier also found a new home in the harbour! The Church was transferred to the banks of the Canal to better fit in with it's surroundings.

Several non-conforming and eyesore has been reported for eviction in maintaining the city's aesthetic.

Mhadsher101 was appointed the Deputy Secretary of the DCT for recognition of his experience and long service within the Department as a Building Inspector, providing a different perspective in Department leadership.

- President xEndeavour


Secretary: Doxxx_
Deputy Secretary: N/A

The DOH has made a few changes recently. Such changes include lowering the vaccine prescription cost to $150 (again), promoting hard working doctors, and interior design of the hospital. The vaccine prescription was voted on by the cabinet to cut the cost in half in order to encourage players to purchase them, as well as increase the workload for the newest medical specialists. The newest medical specialists are Block335 and Jwoodywoo. Both have demonstrated the leadership and skills that the DOH has needed for quite some time now. As for the interior design, Krix has been put in charge of redecorating a significant portion of the hospital. The goal of redecorating the hospital is to utilize all of the floors rather than it just being for show.

As for future goals of the DOH, a long list comes to mind. Some goals and changes you can expect to see in the future includes but is most certainly not limited to:
  • Establishing a system to easily detect inactive doctors and determine whether termination is necessary
  • Updating the doctor guide to better support new doctors with the proper knowledge
  • Hiring doctors with different time zones to have at least one doctor online at all times.
  • Promoting the DOH discord(as well as reorganizing it) to have an easier way to communicate with all doctors.

- Secretary Doxxx_


Secretary: Rainalyn_Rose
Deputy Secretary: Tappy

Department Updates:
  • Change in Secretary.
  • Expanded the farms to the East
  • Added a Park in-between Sampson Hills & Asthen Acres.
  • Fixed the terrain around the wild warps & highways
  • Added a new warp command for Rangers.
  • Added Rangerfly & Rangertp
  • Renovated the DER building.
  • Hired new Rangers to fill vacancies.

The Department of Environment and Recreation has continued to make changes to the server actively. Some of these changes have been internal while others were for the public. One of the most significant changes the DER has made to help the active player base on Democracy Craft was the farmland expansion. We are now allowing more players to rent a farm for a reasonable price, depending on the size of the plot for two weeks at a time, thus solving the issue with inactive farmers renting plots for months at a time. The DER also created a park for the residents of Asthen Acres and Sampson Hills. Upon visiting the park, the locals will find a lovely trail for hiking, some benches near the stream to fish, a few picnic areas along with a Gazebo, and swings. All of these activities can be done 6ft apart while wearing a mask. While all of these additions to Hamilton city were in progress, some of the rangers went out to the wild warps to fix and maintain the natural landscaping around them. In addition to the rangers maintaining the natural landscaping, we added a new warp for rangers at the DER building. Allowing them quick access to materials they need to landscape. We’ve also added two new commands for rangers, allowing them to teleport to landscape locations and even fly while landscaping, thus making it easier to terraform massive areas of land.

Department Goals:
  • Renovate the Zoo
  • Add Campgrounds/Caravans
  • Greenery Events
  • Renovate The Theme Park- Have a purpose
  • Parks within city limits
  • Renovate the Pound

- Secretary Rainalyn_Rose


Secretary: Nacholebraa

Department Updates:
I have been working on designing a new department to head the development of the up and coming Towns expansions. The department would be called the “Department of State” this department would be in charge of the following.

- Department Responsibilities

The Department is charged with the Government oversight, administration, and facilitation of towns. In addition, the department is charged with auditing the performance of Government Departments and the delivery of the State of The Government Report.

-Excerpt from the current pending Bill

I personally look forward to continuing to develop this department in the coming weeks. I look forward to working with Congress to make this department a thing. That is all for now.

- Secretary Nacholebraa[/SPOILER]