Information In-Game Trials Process

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When creating a lawsuit through the process outlined in the Creating a Lawsuit Guide, players may opt to have their trials held in-game. Some may find it more effective to be immersed in the courts through trials in-game, which is why this option has been provided. It is important that both parties in the case agree upon this option, as well as a set time.

It is important that it is made convenient for both parties. If the Defendant or Plaintiff does not agree to this option, or cannot agree upon a set time, the trial will continue on the forums.

The process of in-game trials will remain similar to the process outlined in the Court Process, with the complaint being filed on forums, and Defendant answering such complaint on forums. Once the complaint has been answered, if both parties agree to hold a trial in-game, they may contact the Judge presiding over the case to arrange a time. When a time has been decided, the in-game trial will begin with opening statements, then continue with the rest of the process outlined in the court process.

In all in-game trials, a Police Officer will be required to act as a Bailiff, to ensure that order is kept within the courts, and to issue fines to anyone whom is in contempt. As shown in the image below, trials will be held in the courtroom, in which players may come to watch the case in action.


For an in-game trial, a detailed briefing will be made along with the verdict, posted on the forums. This briefing will be composed of notes taken during the trial, by a Judge or a person otherwise appointed to record such.

The briefing will include:
  • The opening statements from each party
  • Notes on the evidence and witness testimonies presented
  • The closing statements from each party
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