Executive Order Executive Order 08/20 - Creation of Towns


Education & Commerce Department
I hereby order the creation of towns.

The intent of towns is to create outer communities around the Capitol, Hamilton City. It is the intent that these will remain small community based projects which serve a purpose for the industries of the server. This also allows players greater responsibility in governance. It is not expected that towns will grow into cities to compete with Capitol.

A player can apply for a town under a town applications forum. It will be the DoS’s responsibility to bring applications to vote in cabinet. No circumnavigation of this policy will occur, the player must apply for a town and be assigned an official townsite in order to be recognised. No town applications will be accepted in other circumstances.

What we are looking for:
- Comprehensive Town Plans
- Applicant's building ability
- Activity
- Keenness

Applications will be made available in the coming days.

If a cabinet member applies for a town, they will be excluded from deliberations and decision making. We want everyone to have a fair opportunity, they will be decided on by merit.

Town forums will be situated under the Department of State node like so:

Department of State
- Town Applications
- Town Reports (DoS only)
- Town Name
- Town Name
- Town Name
- Town Name

The mayor will have admin perms over their town forum. In this forum, they can create a constitution and a list of town by-laws.

Towns can create by-laws. They can edit specific areas within their jurisdiction.

- Build Height Limits. (No more than 30 blocks high, no exceptions) (Enforced by the DCT).
- Plot Zoning. (Enforced by the DCT)
- Local elections + Council formation (if any). (Run by Mayor)
- Plot Pricing. (Actioned by staff)
- Town Constitution. (Enforced by the DOJ)
- Town Building Regulations. (Enforced by the DCT)

The successful applicant for a town will assume the role of mayor. There can only be one mayor (No co-mayors, any deputies are not recognised by the Federal Government) and they will be entitled to the town region ownership and a tag on forums and discord. The mayor uses their own money to fund the town. Whether or not they chose to elect a council is up to them. This mayor cannot be deposed by the council (unless specified otherwise by the town constitution), they own the town.

The Department of State will be tasked with conducting town reports once every month. Where there is a significant lack of progress in building town amenities, as decided by Cabinet, the mayor may be removed from their position if they cannot provide reasonable justification for the lack of progress. Town leadership cannot alter how a federal government department conducts business in their town. Evictions, arrests etc will be performed as per usual. Town roads and amenities are treated as public land.

Town themes should be contemporary, realistic, and serviceable by road. Medieval towns are therefore unsuitable themes.

Each town, in order to give it a purpose will be allocated the following industries. It is expected that the town endorses and promotes these industries.
North: Farming
South: Fishing
East: Mining
West: Logging

There will be 4 tiers. The Town can apply for an expansion via the DoS.

Tier 1
- Cost $5,000 payable on town application acceptance.
- Initial 20,000 blocks.

Tier 2
- Cost $10,000
- Expand 5,000 blocks.
- Requires Town Hall.
- Requires Sufficient Road Network.
- Requires Fuel station.
- Requires at least 5 buyable plots that are at least 10x10 in size.
- Requires 2 Permanent Residents.

Tier 3
- Cost $10,000
- Expand 5,000 blocks.
- Requires Pharmacy
- Requires at least 10 buyable plots that are at least 10x10 in size.
- Requires 5 Permanent Residents.

Tier 4
- Cost $10,000
- Expand 5,000 blocks.
- Requires Small Airport Terminal on outskirt. Airstrip will be provided by the DCT outside of town limits.
- Requires at least 20 buyable plots that are at least 10x10 in size.
- Requires 15 Permanent Residents.
- Beyond this, concessions will be made by Cabinet for further proposals made by the council to fulfil their Industries.

By-law: Legislation jurisdiction delegated to towns.
Permanent Resident: An active player who resides in residential accommodation within the town. A permanent resident cannot be paid to live in the town etc.
Federal Government: The central Government residing in the Capitol building of Hamilton City.
Local Government: Respective town councils.
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