Information Courthouse Rules

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Since the courthouse is our main way of providing Justice on the server, we have strict laws about how, when, and why to take actions in the courthouse.

1. Frivolous Court Case
If you start a court case or lawsuit and it does not have any serious legal intent or purpose, the case will be dismissed. In addition, you will be fined $60 for breaking this law.

2. Obstruction Of Justice
When summoned to court, it is assumed that you will be speaking the truth and nothing but the truth. If you are found to be providing false information, you will be punished with one warning, and then the punishments will become more extreme with each offense. Also, if you threaten or hurt a witness, police officer, lawyer, judge, defendant, or plaintiff, you will be violating this rule.

3. Contempt Of Court
If you speak in a court case when not summoned to give testimony, you can be held in contempt of court for disrupting the process of the law. Each offense will hold a stricter punishment, starting at a $20 fine.

Thank you for following these rules in all court cases, whether you are involved or not.​
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