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Government Constitution

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We the citizens, of The Commonwealth of Redmont, in order to form a more perfect country, establish this Constitution to guarantee the preservation and protection of Justice, promote the general welfare of our citizens, and secure the liberty of our participation in the governance of this country. All citizens and the Government of Commonwealth of Redmont will abide by these here set principles to play and unite as one country, The Commonwealth of Redmont, hereinafter called redmont.



The Government of Redmont is separated into three arms of Government: the Legislative, the Executive, and the Judiciary. To ensure the independence of the three arms, no one can be part of more than one arm (meaning this the Cabinet, the chambers of the Congress and the Court). If a player runs for Representative, Senator or President while being...

Information Rules & Laws

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1.0 - General
Rules and laws for the good governance and administration of the server.

1.1 - Toxicity
Anyone who engages in the following with malicious intent, but is not limited to: personal attacks; insults/name calling; intentionally saying something to cause a negative reaction (trying to trigger someone); someone who intentionally breaks the rules; and or someone who repetitively stirs up drama for their own personal entertainment; a troll.
Per Offence: Verbal Warning / Warning / Temp Ban / Perm Ban

1.2 - Impersonation
Impersonating a staff member and or another player.
Per Offence: Warning / Temp Ban / Perm Ban

1.3 - Poaching
Attempting to...

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